A Muslim convert who swore allegiance to Isis planned to kill 100 people in a terror attack in London while taking part in a deradicalisation programme, a court has heard.

Lewis Ludlow, of Rochester, had secret communication with British jihadi Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a drone strike in Syria. In June 2015, he discussed planning an attack with Hussain and mentioned his job at Royal Mail.

He wrote: “At my job at a Royal Mail warehouse we had a book that mentions how staff look out for suspicious items like bombs. I’m thinking should I find this info out more as Royal Mail rarely check items. It is perfect to send something lethal through.

Hussain told him it was a “good idea” and Ludlow promised to “look into it”.

With the equipment that Todd Research provide, the Royal Mail will be able to install body scanners for the entrance and exit of the warehouse. This would make sure that no one will be able to enter with any suspicious items.

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